Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel?
Absolutely! We based in Brooklyn, NY and there is no travel charge for most New York City locations. We are ready to travel in about a 100 miles radius from NYC. There will be a very reasonable travel charge based on mileage, tolls and possible parking fees.

What does edited/enhanced mean?
To start, all the image attributes are manually set to their optimum values. These include white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance, saturation and many other settings. Some basic retouching techniques are also applied, that perfects the appearance of the subject and in many cases the background as well. The photographs are also color-corrected and color shifted in order to achieve a truly unique, out of the ordinary look. We also crop the picture to improve composition.

Can I use my files for printing?
Your digital package will contain files in high quality, JPG format that will have 1024 pixel on the longer side. This file is relatively small but has enough resolution to look perfect on any portable device or computer screen. The size makes these images ideal for sharing with your friends and relatives in emails or on social media. These files however are not meant for printing. Printouts, wall decor items (in different finishes and sizes), and photo albums can be purchased from us via our online ordering system. We give you personal printing release that means you can print any pictures you want for non-commercial use.

How many pictures will I have from my event?
We take hundreds of pictures at events, and then we select the ones that are the best ones in terms of quality and how they are represent an important moment. We will end up with about 120-150 final images in case of a two hour event. This number is of course higher for longer events.

Why there is a range of photographs in case of events?
Our foremost goal is to document every major moment and every important person. We shoot photojournalist style that we mix with posed portraits depending on what your event requires. Because every event is unique there is no way of telling exactly how many pictures will cover a specific gathering. One thing is certain tough; it will be covered!

When will be the pictures delivered?
As soon as possible; it depends how busy we are. Usually within 10 days but please allow up to 20 days for the online delivery of your final photographs. Photo albums and other printouts require additional time to deliver.

Is there any discount available?
Yes, we have special offers, promotions, package discounts, and price reductions. Contact us with your photography needs and ideas. We will work with you to provide a professional service at a reasonable price that works for both of us.