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Zsolt Rozsavolgyi

Zsolt Rozsavolgyi - photographer

Member, Professional Photographers of America

I was born in Hungary, but I have lived in New York City since 2000. Originally, I started my website because I wanted to collect and organize my best photographs and I wanted to show them to everyone who is interested. I was always in love with photography since my childhood and this hobby grew into a photography business.

I was always curious about the art of taking beautiful pictures. I started out with a simple 35mm film camera, then years later I ended up my film years with a semi pro one. I switched to digital and got thrilled by its possibilities. That was the time when I took my favorite pastime to the next level. I started to expand my knowledge about photography. I have read many related books, magazines, and articles. I have watched countless tutorials, and I also constantly practiced and experimented. I have also started to use various software solutions to digitally enhance my pictures. Now I use cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and post processing software designed for professional photographers.

My Skills

A not too serious self assessment. I’m a maximalist. 100% does not even exist. :-)

  • Camera Operation 90%

  • Lighting 70%

  • Adobe Lightroom 80%

  • Adobe Photoshop 80%

  • HTML, CSS 70%

What I do?


Using professional camera and lenses, applying the correct camera settings in various shooting conditions. Utilizing continuous and strobe lighting in indoor or outdoor situations.


Digitally correcting and enhancing pictures using (mostly) Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop software.

Web Design

This website is based on a template that was created for professional web designers. All the final content what you can see here is my work. I created it by modifying the HTML and CSS elements. If you want to have something similar (or a completely different-looking site) drop me a line! I can design yours too!

Nono Judit Sipos

Nono Judit Sipos - assistant

Nono Judit Sipos is a painter, designer, and stylist. She was born in Hungary in 1975. Her interest of arts started in early childhood; her photographer and painter father had big influence on her development. She was graduated from the College of Graphic Arts in Hungary.

In order to better herself in her profession she applied for an art scholarship to Indonesia that she was successfully granted. This way, for a couple of years she was able to study costume and scenery design, batik making and painting. By going to school in Indonesia she was also able to gain broad knowledge of the rich cultural and artistic traditions of the country. She organized several art exhibitions and fashion shows during these years that were sponsored by the Hungarian Embassy of Indonesia. After finishing her studies she returned to Europe where she started her professional career. She had exhibitions of her paintings in multiple cities in Germany, England and Italy. She worked as a set designer in Antaya, Turkey at the Loreal Hair Show.

Her thoughts about creating art: “We all know what love means, though we speak different languages of passion. We, Hungarians are very expressive with our gentle feelings towards our loved ones. This infinite passion inspires me when I design, create, and styling. This is the way I love.”

Evelyn Sirionova Millan

Evelyn Sirionova Millan - assistant

Hi! My name is Evelyn Millan. I was born in Colombia and raised in New York City. I was lucky enough to be introduced to photography since I was a baby. Thanks to my dad's favorite hobby, I loved to be in front of the camera. My dad loved taking photographs of me! I auditioned in a photo shoot for baby food and won the contest. Since then my parents enrolled me in modeling classes and I participated in beauty pageants and represented my modeling house in runways. I became interested in photography later on and discovered that being in front of the camera is just as exciting as to capture the best image. I am thrilled with this new opportunity assisting Zsolt, a very professional photographer and always giving the best of my ability and experience. Can't wait to make everyone look fantastic! We will have a great time working together.
- Love Ev -

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